Taking photographs at night can be extremely challenging. Knowledge of exposures and a fundamental understanding for your equipment is imperative when attempting night sky photography. Thomas Kokta takes pride the art of shooting Aurora Borealis and his star trail images make wonderful décor for your home or office.

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Thomas Kokta’s night photography is unique in that he focuses on objects that are silhouetted by the stars. His aurora borealis shots are also creatively composed. A favorite is the tent that is lit from inside, with the northern lights as the backdrop.

Thomas was interviewed about his night photography by BBC News:

“With solar storms at their peak, I knew 2011 was going to be a great year for the Aurora Borealis. So I set aside three weeks in the high Canadian Arctic to try to capture this stunning phenomenon. I spent these nights outside in temperatures of around -40C to -45C” (BBC News).

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