This here is what makes up Thomas’s night photography. Looking at all of his types of photography night photography does not make up a lot of what he takes photos of, but that does not mean that he doesn’t care about night photography.

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More about Night Photography

When looking at other night photographers work, a lot of the photos consist of just stars or the sky. What is unique about his night photos is that he captures objects along with the sky. In his night photos he doesn’t disregard what the sky shows. I’ve noticed that sometimes in night photography it’s hard to know what the main focus of the photo is. But for Thomas he makes it clear what the main focus is while also shining a light on the sky

One of my favorite photos he has is the picture of the Aurora Borealis with the tent. It is unique and makes it look so magical with all of the colors along with the tent having lights coming from it. Make sure to also take a peak at the blog page on the site to read more about night photography tips and tricks. Click here  to access it. 

Thomas Kokta’s night photography is found all over the internet. His photo of the Aurora Borealis is featured on BBC news (click here to check it out). He quotes “”With solar storms at their peak, I knew 2011 was going to be a great year for the Aurora Borealis. So I set aside three weeks in the high Canadian Arctic to try to capture this stunning phenomenon. I spent these nights outside in temperatures of around -40C to -45C” (BBC News). 

Also, if you click on the photos down below you will see that you have the option to buy a print. Prints range from $50 to $200 and you can pick the type of resolution you would like. Imagine having a photo of the Aurora Borealis in your office!  

Night Photography. Featuring the Aurora Borealis in the Canada Arctic. Thomas Kokta Photography.
Another example of night photography. Kenzie Bruce, Special to The Denver Post