Below you can find three different travel agencies created by Thomas Kokta. These travel agencies offer tours through all seven continents!

A Life of Travel

One of Thomas Kokta’s side projects is “A Life of Travel”  which is dedicated to sharing the most stunning locations on Earth with you. Thomas has traveled the world for over two decades and is committed to providing once in a lifetime tours. These vacations are unique, exhilarating, and picturesque. These are no ordinary travel tours, instead, they are far superior. These tours offer:

1. Knowledgeable and personable guides that offer extensive familiarity of and exclusive access to your travel destination.

2. Hotels and local amenities that are well-vetted to ensure your safety and comfort.

3. Multiple options such as: River Cruise Tour on the Siene (Paris, France) or the “Discover Japan” winter tour.

Asia Europe and Polar Tours available now!

Polar Holidays

Thomas Kokta runs a separate travel agency known as Polar Holidays that specializes in booking tours and cruises to the polar regions of the world. Polar Holidays arranges all of the flights, connections, and transfers which makes it easy to book your trip. You will go onboard a cruise ship with Thomas, along with a full team of individuals with polar-travel experience. Polar Holidays partners with high-quality specialty cruise lines in order to provide the best experience. Itineraries and tours of Antarctica and the Arctic available right now. These tours offer:

1. High-quality cruise-ships offering the best value. 

2. A team that has intimate knowledge of polar travel destinations and the ships that go there.

3. Partnered companies that believe in quality, safety, service, environmental practices, and providing the best overall experience.

Polar tours available now!

Bhutan Visits

Another one of Thomas Kokta’s side projects is “Bhutan Visits”, which has given many customers unforgettable experiences through the country of Bhutan. Thomas well-traveled and has visited Bhutan over 10 times. These tours through Bhutan include photography, hiking, festivals, and more. These vacations are one of a kind, providing you with a picturesque trip through the Kingdom of Bhutan. These experiences include:

1. Flight itineraries, assisting you in the complex travel process getting to Bhutan. 

2. Hotels and local amenities that are well-vetted to ensure your safety and comfort.

3. Local tour guides that will show you the very best of what Bhutan has to offer. 

Click the button below to explore Bhutan Visits’ website and see what the country has to offer.

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