This here is a gallery of the greatest wildlife photos taken by Thomas Kokta. Thomas has been traveling around the world photographing all sorts of animals. This is a sneak peek into some of his amazing work.

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More About Wildlife Photography

While his photography skills are magnificent, he also has a way of telling a story about the animals from the way he photographs them. Thomas really enjoys taking photos of Penguins and Polar Bears. As you can see, this makes up the majority of the wildlife photography gallery. He has won several awards, including the People’s Choice Award for photography in 2016 (find the photo here).

If interested in finding out about tips on taking photos like these make sure to visit the blog post on wildlife photography tips. By reading that, you are on your way to start taking pictures like Thomas. Most importantly you must remember that Thomas started as a beginner too and worked his way up with practice! In order to be good at anything you must practice. Great photography takes a lot of practice! Sure, you may have a good eye for photography, but getting familiar with camera settings and where to stand to take the perfect photo requires practice.

Thomas has multiple types of photography he is passionate about so check out his URBAN, TRAVEL and NIGHT Galleries!


When is the best time to take photos in Antarctica?

There is no specific time to take photos there, the lighting is super good there for photography ,

What does Thomas use to edit his photos?

Thomas uses Adobe photoshop and lightroom to edit his photography. Those are the most common programs that people use when editing the photos!

Does Thomas Kokta have a second photographer?

No he doesn’t! All photos are taken by Thomas Kokta himself. 

How much are images?

If you click on the images you can see the exact price and size of the image you would like to purchase. 

How big are the images?

The images you can buy have multiple sizes you can choose from. If you click on the image it will list the sizes and prices of the images.