Welcome to Thomas Kokta’s urban photography page! Here you will see some of his great work in this type of photography.

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Urban photography is a very unique genre of photos that is broad yet also can be very distinct. Thomas takes very good urban photos that show what this type of photography is very well. If you are more interested in the specifics of what urban photography is make sure to click here to visit a website that explains it more thoroughly. 

These photos look especially nice displayed in offices or for home decor. If you are someone that is interested in purchasing one of Thomas’s photos below, make sure to check out the shop page . You will see more details on purchasing prints there. However you can also click on the image you are interested in looking more into and see more details. As you can see there is a good amount of photos below that feature an urban jungle. What is really interesting about photography in general is that there are so many ways to take a photo. Urban photography really shows that there is a lot of ways to show your art. 

When you scroll through the images below, hopefully you find a photo that catches your eye! Thomas Kokta has a lot of experience in creating eye catching photos and the urban part of his expertise is well overlooked! While he may not offer a lot of images in this category, they still really capture the essence of his skills. 

A lot of these images would look great hanging up in an office space or at a business. Urban photography feels very clean and unique to being displayed for others to see it.