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Our website offers multiple categories of photography that Thomas Kokta is passionate about. The category of travel gives you so many ways to get inspired and take amazing photos while traveling. You can find some of Thomas’s most inspired travel photos here. Here are some places and ways to get inspired to take the best photos possible for a gallery. Although, some people connect to places over others because of their demographics there are other factors that can affect this. One thing is the time of the year you plan on traveling. Different countries or states have different weather scenarios at different times of the year. The temperature can affect your photography as well as the time of day the sun goes down. All the aspects of the atmosphere can affect what determines the best place to travel to get the best photography.


People travel to all different countries in order to get the best photography possible. One of the top destinations to go for photography is Iceland. There is so many different elements there that make it a go-to attraction for photographers. It has the Antarctic vibe that brings all aspects into play like glaciers, waterfalls, and the Northern Lights. “I was so enchanted with Iceland’s otherworldly beauty and natural wonder, I could hardly find a single moment to put my camera down” (Rich). The natural beauty that Iceland has to offer gives photographers great content to add to their photo gallery. Somewhere you could read more about what your experience would be like in Iceland is https://www.thewanderinglens.com/best-travel-photography-locations/


When photographers travel, they try to go to locations that have the most diverse landscapes out of other places. One place that had all of this combined was Namibia. This isn’t the most well-known place but had such a diverse atmosphere that it was a photographer’s dream. A photographer had said “Each place was so different than the last, and I remember wanting to capture it all” (Marie). I could imagine that photographers get very inspired by the amazing landscapes. From the sand dunes to the river canyons and getting all the elements out of one trip. This is a place where you can get it all.


Some photographers also pick places to travel based on the cultures a place has to offer. It can be so beautiful to capture what a culture has to offer up close in personal. One of the best to travel to capture these moments is India. With the wide variety of foods, spiritual events, and clothing there is so many things to capture through your lenses. This is where a photographer drew his inspiration. The way diversity can be captured in this destination could bring so much inspiration to your photos. If you want to get to know more about this cultural atmosphere visit https://www.wanderlust.co.uk/content/travel-photography-greatest-destinations/


Photographers also travel to certain places so they can experience the best wildlife in that area. Animals, a key component to a lot of images because of the interest into the lives they live. For instance, if someone wanted to capture animals in the safari such as elephants and lions Africa would definitely be the best place to go for that. You would be able to get outstanding pictures of these animals but also capture them in their natural habitat making the photos more realistic. Another example is like on our website Thomas Kota has a passion for penguins as you can see through the gallery. So, the best place for him to travel for his photography would obviously not be Africa it would be someplace like Antarctica because he would be able to get the best pictures of what penguins are actually like and they wouldn’t be staged. Capturing photos of animals is already a difficult task so most photographers to have to travel to the right places in order to get the best pictures possible.

Traveling on a Budget

When it comes to traveling plans there is always things to take into consideration one being budget. Even though some people might not have all the money in the world to travel anywhere they want they can still travel to some great places to capture exactly what they are looking for. Photographers spend a big part of their budget on equipment as it is. So, planning a road trip to a close destination can still be a trip of a lifetime to a photographer. Every place in the world has something extraordinary about it, it just takes a photographer’s eye and passion to get amazing photos no matter where they travel.

Although I am sure all photographers have different reasons to travel for the best outcome of their photos these are just some suggestions on places other people have had the most success. Everyone has different circumstances and reasons to travel to certain places. Traveling gives such an open opportunity to let you take pictures of whatever catches your eye. Which is what this website has to offer in the traveling section of the gallery.

The Traveling Experience

Traveling is a great way to get yourself out there. Not only to experience traveling as a whole. But to get your name out there as a photographer. Meeting new people and gaining connections is a key component to making it big time. Also, experiencing the cultures, atmosphere, and traditions. Opens your eyes to a whole new perspective for your work.  Capturing all this through a lens helps inspiration shine through in your images. Getting to experience a whole new world is a dream come true for a photographer. Sharing what these new worlds add to your art helps connect. Having the people from where you travel on your side helps learn so much more. Getting in the depths of places like Africa can open your eyes. Showing you the true aspects of the country not just what you see on your television.

Meeting these people gives you a new mindset on what to base your photos on. This is because it is just throwing you into their world. Having no choice but to connect with something new. Which will only come out in your photos. But also make your experience that much better. Having an experience that you will never forget. Traveling is the thing that will continue to help you grow as a photographer.

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