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Welcome to the Thomas Kokta photography blog! 

Here you will find an abundance of blog posts on photography.  A lot of the posts link you to articles written about Thomas’s photography awards, one being featured in the Smithsonian (click here to see it). If wildlife photography tips, urban photography tips, night skies, or travel photography sparks an interest of yours make sure to check out the posts below. We provide the best tips and tricks for all photography types. If you are interested in finding out more about Thomas Kokta, make sure to click on his contact page here.

Along with details about Thomas Kokta’s photography we also provide we also provide other sources. These are to provide more information on all of our topics. From exploring the best places to travel for photography to how to shoot wildlife. Our posts take you on a journey through the lens of your camera. While also providing more information on what Thomas’s images are all about.

We want to cater our posts to our target audience. It’s not only to encourage them to take on these tips themselves. But to entertain them through every word they read. Providing content that will get your inspiration juices flowing. So, one day everyone can get out there and take amazing photos like Thomas has. The world is at your fingertips and we want your camera to experience that too.

When you are interested in seeing more content from this page or have ideas on what you would like to see. Make sure to contact Thomas Kokta in the contact page. We are always making sure there is new, fresh content.